Crayola® Christians

1 Peter 4:10 “As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

Do you remember when one of the most exciting things you were given was a brand new 64 count box of crayons? The possibilities were endless! There were so many colors to choose from as you created your latest masterpiece! And everyone had their own style. Some would trace the lines and then fill it in, others would try to color it just like the picture, and then the real rebels would customize it until it looked nothing like the original! Did you know that there are a lot of similarities between Christians and crayons?

First, Christians are diverse! Not only are there many different colors, there are also many different shades of each color. In one box of 64 crayons there are 11 different shades of blue! Each believer is their own shade of Grace. While our backgrounds and personalities may be similar, we each have a different story and are used by God to color our church, community and world in our own unique shade.

Second, A Christians true purpose is found in the hands of the Creator! While a new crayon box (with those sharp points and bold labels) is a beautiful thing to behold, it is useless until the crayon is taken out of the box. I think you know where I am heading with this one! Don’t we look good on Sundays? Gathered together with those nice suits and dresses, with a Bible under one arm as we sing hymns and listen to some good preaching! While this is awesome and so very important – God has more in mind for you. He wants to take you out of the box and use you to color the lives of others with the Gospel!

Third, it doesn’t matter how worn or broken a Christian may be, they are still useful to God. A broken crayon is still a crayon. Maybe the wrappers has come off, or the tip is worn down. Perhaps it has been used for so long that it can barely fit in a child’s fingers. Even if all of these things are true – the amazing thing about a crayon is that it doesn’t matter how old, worn or broken it is – it can still color. Christian, are you worn? Are you weary? Do you carry the scars of past battles? Maybe you have asked “God can you even use a worn out, broken, nub of a Christian like me?”. The answer is yes. He uses our scars and our brokenness to color a beautiful portrait of His grace.

Today, as we ReFocus our hearts and minds on Christ, let’s consider how much like a crayon we truly are! We are all different, but that’s one of the things that makes the church beautiful. We do find our purpose in the hands of our creator. And He does use us to color the world as he uses our individual shade to showcase His amazing grace.