Add To Your Faith…Virtue

2 Peter 1:5a “And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue…”

When we started this time in 2 Peter together it was by looking at the principle of multiplication. As we grow in the knowledge of God we will find that the grace and peace of God begin to overflow in our lives. When we reach verse 5, I begin to ask myself if Peter was a math teacher. He moves from multiplication to addition!

Remember, yesterday we spoke about how the Christian life is a journey that began on the day we trusted Christ as our Savior. It is a wonderful thing for a lost sinner to be saved and we rejoice with each one. But if that is as far as they go then they miss out on so much that God has for them. That is why Peter says, as we go we should give all diligence (strive) to grow; to add to our faith.

The first stop Peter mentions is virtue. A virtuous person is one who strives for moral excellence in character which manifests itself in what they do. The idea of the Greek word for virtue is manliness, strength, loyalty, self-control, perseverance, and devotion. In Hebrew, the word for virtuous describes purity, faithfulness, strength, capability, and nobility amongst other attributes. The bible describes a virtuous woman as the “crown” of the husband (Prov 12:4) whose value is far above any worldly riches (Prob 31:10).

Virtue works its way out in the way we live our lives. It is not simply an inner quality but manifests itself in every area of life. The employee will be dependable and committed to their role in the company. The husband and father will be just and loving in the way he responds to his family, The wife and mother will show patience and selflessness. In short, a man or a woman who strives to add virtue to their faith will exhibit the life of Christ.

As we ReFocus our hearts and minds on Christ, add to your faith virtue. May each of us strive to live out the characteristics and qualities of Christ. A truly virtuous believer will be a refreshing example of the love of God and will serve to be a living sermon illustration to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!