Our Trusty Sword

Ephesians 6:17b 
and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God
Growing up in the country was awesome. There was no internet, no cell phones, no video games (mom outlawed the Atari). Anything we could put our hands on became the toy of choice as we used our imaginations. We used to love playing like we were knights on a quest, like King Arthur! Excalibur was in our hands and with it we could vanquish the dragon that threatened our castle! Of course, Excalibur was a sturdy stick and the foe was the dog that wandered up into the yard…but it was fun to pretend as long as we were back in the castle in time for supper! I can still remember the thrill of victory as the dragon yelped and ran back to where it had come from. The kingdom was safe, and mom was calling.
As nice as it is to remember the “good old days”, the reality of today sets in eventually. The battles we face daily are much different than a pretend dragon attacking our kingdom. The enemy that we face is real and always around that next corner. That is why we have been talking about the armor of the Christian. The breastplate, the shoes, the belt, the helmet and the shield all help to protect us as we face the foe. I thank my God, that he did not leave us defenseless, but He also didn’t leave us weaponless! He has given us a sword. Sharper than any scalpel, stronger than any steel. With this sword the enemy flees, kings are humbled and lives are transformed. It’s Name? The Word of God. 
The sword the Paul had in mind was called the “gladius”. Historians call this the “sword that conquered the world” as the roman soldiers used it to defeat the enemy and spread the influence of Rome. Around 2 feet long, it was especially useful for close combat. Used in conjunction with the shield the warrior would batter down the defenses of the opponent, and move in close to vanquish the foe. The sword was an extension of the arm of the trained warrior and because of that, he could step onto the battlefield with the confidence needed for victory.
Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the word of God is alive, and powerful – sharper than any sword. When Christ was tempted by Satan, He countered with scripture. When the apostles were arrested and tried, they preached the word of God. Over the years, it hasn’t dulled, it hasn’t lost its power. The Sword of the Spirit wielded in the hands and heart of the Christian will still defeat the foe of doubt, discouragement and temptation. Used in conjunction with our faith in the truths of God’s word the enemy is driven back and defeated. We must know it, we must apply it! And when the battle comes we can stand in confidence of the faith it His Word, knowing that when the smoke clears and all is said and done we will stand with Christ in victory!
Today as we ReFocus our hearts and minds on Christ let us take up our sword. When the attack comes, and it will, we must be ready with the Word of God if we are to have the hope of victory. Let it transform you, let it lead you – let its truth sink so far deep into your heart that it truly becomes and extension of who you are!


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